Blockchain App Development


Building applications on Blockchain has several advantages for your business: Transparency, Efficiency, Security, Speed, Traceability, Cost effective and Easy of operation. We provide customers onboarding process, support of cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals, trading dashboard development, integration with order matching engine.

Being one of the leading web and mobile app development company, we put together the expert team to a board that helps to build Blockchains. Our multi-disciplined domain experts’ team which provides an accurate and holistic client experience by blockchain development lifecycle. We made a framework of blockchain service which successfully takes artificial Intelligence, data analysis, IoT and web security. We help you to develop blockchain technology for your business that would eventually give you easy and secure records of transactions. A security and transparency are the main criteria of Brainspace.

Type of blockchain applications

Data Management
Securely hold data and digital identity information with blockchain technology.
Digital Identity
Blockchain can lead users to have more control over their digital identity and how it’s used by decentralizing identity management.
Finance & Payments
Enable fast, low-cost, secure international payments with encrypted distributed ledgers that eliminate the need for intermediaries and offer real-time verification of transactions.
Education and Learning
Blockchain can easily transform record keeping, student transfers between universities, student payments, and the overall business model in educational institutions.
Prevent corruption, secure citizen’s data, and reduce governing costs with a transparent ledger that allows participating parties to see and verify data, replacing the government in essence.
Add new transactions and data to a blockchain in an append-only fashion to create verifiable, accountable permanent transaction records between two or more parties.
Blockchain can improve interoperability, security and privacy of patient records in healthcare, besides improving bookkeeping, shortening admission time and transforming supply chain.
Real Estate
Connect buyers and sellers without the need of a broker, and reduce costs and cut down hassles in the real estate industry.


Brainspace provides great solutions to your specific needs for large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and startups in all major industries.


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