No matter the size of your business or how long you have been around there are always things you need to manage.

Banking Software

Many clients use this banking software like a mini-bank for financial institutions, Forex, Bitcoins, schools, supermarkets, taxes, or to be able to connect magnetic cards so that a user can use them in different businesses and verify the purchase with a bank system.

School Software

The school information system provides flexible, innovative, and easy-to-use technology to power your school or district operations. The system is flexibility, and because of that flexibility, a school district can align the presentation of information more closely to its vision for what matters to students. The information they receive from their school information system is presented not in a way that serves some prototype school district, but in a way that has been tailored to their specific school district.

Nutrition Software

Our dietitian software is the only software you need to manage your nutrition business and offer top notch nutrition counselling to your clients online. Before you are neck-deep in WhatsApp, emails, excel sheets and heaps of paper. Work feels scattered, you're stressed, it's tough to see and manage everything. But with a dietitian system, everything will be organized and managed from one place. You'll be able to build better relationship with your clients. You'll be in control and a sense of calm will set in.

HR Management

Human resources can be a tough department to manage. Between hiring, onboarding, scheduling, benefits and compliance, there are dozens of responsibilities to navigate. What if an employee wants to view an old paystub? How does someone access information about their vacation days or benefits? Without the right technology, it’s a hassle for everyone involved. That’s why specialized HR software has become so popular. Businesses of all sizes are using these tools to improve efficiency and employee experience at the same time.

Accounting Software

If you’re like most business owners, you might have initially used a spreadsheet to track your finances. That’s a good tactic to start, but as your business grows, it will almost certainly become a challenge to stay on top of all your transactions with this kind of manual accounting system. As your business expands, your financial data grows more complex. Handling business accounts in spreadsheets becomes confusing, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Growing business creates a need for a scalable accounting solution. To adapt to complex financial data, business owners have to think beyond spreadsheet accounting. The solution is accounting software.

Retail Management software

Retail management software is technology that helps business owners drive more sales with applications that include point of sale features, inventory management, retail customer relationship management and more. These solutions often include hardware for payment terminals and can support mobile devices.