HR Management

Human resources can be a tough department to manage. Between hiring, onboarding, scheduling, benefits and compliance, there are dozens of responsibilities to navigate. What if an employee wants to view an old paystub? How does someone access information about their vacation days or benefits? Without the right technology, it’s a hassle for everyone involved. That’s why specialized HR software has become so popular. Businesses of all sizes are using these tools to improve efficiency and employee experience at the same time.

The HR software is an all-in-one solution for HR, talent management, payroll, and benefits. The platform makes it easy for businesses to improve their HR processes while remaining compliant. The software is actually branded as a “people operations platform.” It includes features for employee management, onboarding, talent management, recruiting, time and attendance, analytics, and more. You’ll be able to manage all of your HR policies and procedures from the centralized platform.

The software is designed to improve employee engagement. It gives your staff access to all of the HR information they could possibly need from an easy-to-use employee portal. The software can be accessed from anywhere from the Namely mobile app. You can even use Namely to share company news, improve communication, and set up a company directory.

The software comes with tools and features like: Onboarding Performance and goal tracking Task lists Time off management Compliance database E-signature Employee self-service and workflows Custom fields Then there are add-ons and extensions for things like payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, time & attendance, and managed services. You get the powerful core system, and then customize it to fit your company. Everything is synced, and your employees aren’t trying to get a payroll system to integrate with time clock software made by another vendor.

Overall, your choice of an HR platform should help you stay on top of your job and free up your time to focus on innovative people strategies. And for that, we are here to give you the tools to make your life easier and your employees happier. Our HR system is a good fit for mid-sized businesses (25-1000 employees) specially in order to avoid:

Compliance mistakes that result in fines or penalties
Losing the trust of your business leaders
Missing out on top talent
A disengaged and less productive workforce
Employee frustration due to incorrect paychecks or insurance